March 27, 2011

Spring is in the Clouds

I've always been fascinated with clouds and since I've started taking my camera everywhere I was so lucky to catch these today. Once I noticed them, my husband was nice enough to bend to my pleading and help me chase them all over town. He was driving.

We were out shopping for laminate flooring for the new studio he's building for me, I can hardly wait.  What a good man. Tomorrow I'll be packing up all my books so we can get started. I say we, I'll be watching. 

I suppose some might say clouds all look the same but I find them very different from one minute to the next. And tracking them trying to find a high spot to shoot them from before they changed was really fun.

I love the contrast of the big blue background and white billows. 

Often by the time we reached the next parking lot, the angle had changed too much to get a good shot. 

Quite a few fine specimens though, I must say. It made me so happy to be able to see them. 

I had a great time directing the tour, yelling out STOP when I could see I was losing one.  

This greyer one was taken at the park after we'd done our shopping just before the sky blended into a solid grey slate. It was the last cloud of the day. Looks a little heavenly with the light peeking in from above. It was quite a heavenly day. Thank you, day.