January 30, 2012

Rare Rabbits Press Announces...

Well, I've gone and done it (big fanfare, please). I've hit the send button to
Printorium Bookworks, for what feels like the scariest move I'm ever gonna make! The cover is finished (which I can hardly believe I drew, or that I'll ever be able do again, it's a three book series). The manuscript is properly formatted (I hope), and my little publishing house, Rare Rabbits Press is in business. Whew! My heart is racing, could be the coffee, but I doubt it.

Yesterday I made a little website, www.lenoreangela.com to talk about the process ahead (I'm sure I'm in for it), to help showcase the book, and to sell copies (that would nice). Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!

January 17, 2012

Living in a Snowglobe

We live in a hollow. Here's a look at my backyard. Sorta like our front street that the city snowplow never seems to find. 
 Since I can't get anywhere because my car prefers clear, dry roads (you'd think being a Volvo she'd love the snow) there's no excuse to not finish my book cover which is almost ready for the printer! I'm so excited. The next big learning-curve-hurtle is marketing the thing, not to mention formatting and PDF-ing the covers, paperback and e-book. Flying by the seat of my pants, over here. Stressing!
Though I'm sure if Clare could talk she'd say, 
"Try this, you'll love it!"
"Get ready for impact..."
"put your back into it..."
"And smile! No worries, here!"

 Enjoy every minute.