May 29, 2012

Designing Print Ads

I designed a couple of post card print ads for myself. Pretty pleased how they turned out. My friend works at the airport and offered to pin them to the bulletin board there. Awesome, Nigel! I also put some up around town. I had piles of them for the taking on my vendor's table at the Steampunk Event last weekend. That was a really fun day too. I met a lot of great people, didn't mess up my reading and sold 2 books!

May 16, 2012

Steampunk at the Museum!

Well, my first event is fast approaching! This Saturday, May 19th. I'm going to be a vendor at the MSA Museum for a Steampunk day! I'll be selling books and bunnies, not that Rare Rabbits and greeting cards have anything to do with Steampunk, but Tale of the Black Mamba does, which I'll be selling and signing. Also, the organizers have asked me to do a reading while I'm at it, how exciting! I've never done a reading before, but I did go to one last night and I think I can handle it. I hear the weather is supposed to be great, too. So if you're in the Abbotsford area, stop by and say, hi. It should be a lot of fun!

May 2, 2012

Sometimes I Just Need a Little Colour Fix

While I was cleaning my studio today, a whole shelf of books fell off the wall taking everything I had so painstakingly arranged and dumped it all over the floor. "Well, this is very depressing," I said, standing in the middle of the rubble. So I made myself a cup of tea and downloaded the pictures off my camera I took in the park today. Made me feel muuuch better. 

Back to work.