June 25, 2012

Lydia Mae Green, Rootin' Tootin' Comet Buster!

Illustration Friday topic this week is, Space. 

This is a pencil crayon illustration I did for one of my stories called, 
Lydia Mae Greene, Rootin' Tootin' Comet Buster. 

Story Exerpt:
Before rocket engines and aeroplanes, there lived a girl named Lydia.
Each day Lydia practised her trick roping on Lighting, her painted pinto. He could leap farther than tomorrow and lope as gracefully as the morning mist. Lydia quickly became known as the best―some say, the best in the world.

Meanwhile, many miles away on Curly Maple Hill. Perched atop the highest piece of land in the valley, was a humungous telescope. It peered it’s gleaming eye past the the edge of the sky, beyond the moon, through the Milky Way and now precisely into the face of danger, a gigantic comet―with earth and destruction written all over it.

 A comet bigger than any ever seen was hurtling through space and in exactly three days time...would crash to earth!  Unless something was done immediately, this could be the biggest catastrophe the world had ever seen. What they needed was someone brave enough to travel to the edge of the sky, jump across to the moon and grab hold of the comet’s tail as it passed by. It was their only hope. 

     “We need hero―pronto!”  wailed Governor Noodleblatt.
Shortly, a telegram arrived addressed to Lydia. 

Lydia’s mother fluttered, “If ever there was a call for courage, it’s now, my dear.”
     “I’ll do it,” yelled Lydia, punching the air.
     Errol J let out a low whistle. “Holy Dinah!”
So, Lightning and Lydia, along with little brother Errol J. set off to save the world. 

June 20, 2012

Mini Madness

Perfect peony. Too bad they didn't last longer.
This year I thought I'd outsmart my lovely little Clarebear and make a walkway for her to stand on, since her favourite pastime is staring at me through the window till I let her in. She can be very unnerving with her commanding eyes. 
 Last year this whole space was full of flowers that she so kindly tromped on. So I layed some stone and made a mini garden.We've had the slate hanging around our yard in piles for the last twenty odd years. When we were young and strong we went up the mountain and collected it thinking we'd make a patio.
My yard is a disaster right now as you can probably tell by the garbage can full of weeds in the background. With all the rain this year I've neglected it, which means now there's ten times as much work. I like the way this turned out so much though, I'll use it in the rest of the gardens that she tears through. The girl has no respect for a hosta. Trouble is, I don't think she likes all my hard work. She won't come in it, you can see her peeking in from the side of the shot. I showed her how it works, but, no. Now she does a lot of staring in from the outside then goes up and rings the doorbell all day instead. We put a bell on a rope outside the kitchen door, sometimes I hide it. I wish she liked her new garden, I did it just for her. 
Here's the view from upstairs looking down.
Oh well, maybe I'll turn it into a bunny park. Be a great place for photos.
Speaking of bunnies, I've been making some props. Lately I've been crazy over all the miniature dollhouse artists I've been seeing. 
There's a story brewing in my head and I need some rabbity rooms to photograph. Just a few more things to make for this room before it's done, then I think I'll make a kitchen next and a birthday cake. That would be fun.   
Out of all the bedroom things I made, I'm most proud of the little lamp and ottoman. 
 Please disregard the nose in the mirror, I think it has a sunburn. 

June 6, 2012

Wanna Party?

Olga's feeling a little lonely tonight.
Clearly, little Sally Sailor knows the way to Benny's heart is through his apple pie.
Olga, on the other hand, tries a different approach.
She may look shy and demure and she's always appreciated a rabbit in glasses. Yowza! Who wouldn't?  
But just give her a piano, some lively music and a handsome devil to stare at and she's the life of the party. She be bustin' a move faster than you can say, "Play it again, Sam." 
 Ahhh, made for each other. Iggy's a sucker for a bunny in a head scarf. 
Party's over. Bye for now. 

June 5, 2012

Nothin' Spells Lovin' Like a Pie From the Oven.

My studio got a little messed up with all the sanding and painting I did today for this photo shoot, but all things considered I think it turned out pretty well.  I redid a few things for Sally's kitchen, like painting the furniture and making the wall art from vintage seed packet pictures. And my cute sculpey pie is a perfect prop. I'm going to try and build a full kitchen with a sink, stove and a bigger hutch but I'll have to exaggerate the finishing details. I see from the photos my paint job doesn't show up that great. And of course there will be lots more little household items to include. 
The more I get into photographing these little bunnies for my greeting cards and stories, the more fascinated I become with this mini world. 

June 3, 2012

My Clean Studio

I finally cleaned my studio and thought I'd better document it as it's not likely to be this clean again, ever, though I will try to keep it this way. Makes life so much easier to start off in a clean room. As you can see this is my sewing area. 
The room's a funny shape, but nice and big for all my junk. The entire studio is 24' long and 12' wide in the sewing area and 10' wide in my drawing/computer area. It used to be our kids rooms when they were home. David tore down the wall and put in a lovely big window for me to stare out of.
But mostly I just stare into Clare's face. Her blanket is right below the window beside my chair where she keeps me company all day long.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to fence that garden area off because last year she stomped on all my flowers. Lucky for me I haven't planted them yet.
This is the smaller end of the room where I have my art table, computer and Clare's bed. And my comfy chair where I usually have my tea and knitting break and watch a bit of Kojak on TV. 
Boy, if you saw what this looked like a few days ago, you'd be shocked. I don't think you could see the desk top. 
Long view of the room.
My fun little shelf above my computer. Love that little elephant lamp. It used to be in our daughter's room when she was little. 
And here's what I've been working on, miniatures. I've been inspired by some wonderful miniature artists lately. So now I've gone mini crazy. Here's my first attempt at an apple pie made from oven baked clay. The plan is to make some realistic props for my rabbit photos. 
Next on the menu, carrot cake, of course.