June 20, 2012

Mini Madness

Perfect peony. Too bad they didn't last longer.
This year I thought I'd outsmart my lovely little Clarebear and make a walkway for her to stand on, since her favourite pastime is staring at me through the window till I let her in. She can be very unnerving with her commanding eyes. 
 Last year this whole space was full of flowers that she so kindly tromped on. So I layed some stone and made a mini garden.We've had the slate hanging around our yard in piles for the last twenty odd years. When we were young and strong we went up the mountain and collected it thinking we'd make a patio.
My yard is a disaster right now as you can probably tell by the garbage can full of weeds in the background. With all the rain this year I've neglected it, which means now there's ten times as much work. I like the way this turned out so much though, I'll use it in the rest of the gardens that she tears through. The girl has no respect for a hosta. Trouble is, I don't think she likes all my hard work. She won't come in it, you can see her peeking in from the side of the shot. I showed her how it works, but, no. Now she does a lot of staring in from the outside then goes up and rings the doorbell all day instead. We put a bell on a rope outside the kitchen door, sometimes I hide it. I wish she liked her new garden, I did it just for her. 
Here's the view from upstairs looking down.
Oh well, maybe I'll turn it into a bunny park. Be a great place for photos.
Speaking of bunnies, I've been making some props. Lately I've been crazy over all the miniature dollhouse artists I've been seeing. 
There's a story brewing in my head and I need some rabbity rooms to photograph. Just a few more things to make for this room before it's done, then I think I'll make a kitchen next and a birthday cake. That would be fun.   
Out of all the bedroom things I made, I'm most proud of the little lamp and ottoman. 
 Please disregard the nose in the mirror, I think it has a sunburn.