August 19, 2012

Giving Back

It's been one year since I took my first Flying Lesson and I don't mean in a plane. This was an online 
e-course geared to make your creative business fly, taught by artist, author and possibilitarian, 

I took this class because I wanted to make my dreams come true and if anybody could show me how, I knew Kelly Rae could. I not only learned how to start my creative business but I also became part of a loving community of supportive artists who still continue to encourage long after the course has finished. Now, it's a year later and we're celebrating our successes in a special way. We've decided to show our gratitude by offering a draw for some free seats in Kelly's final class! 
I know, final, that's so, final. 

 Click on the Giving Flight badge to enter your name in a draw for a chance to buckle up and fly with Kelly Rae Roberts

And don't forget to check out more terrific resources on 
this great new website by fellow fliers Lori and Ursula. 

Thanks to Flying Lessons and the wonderful people I've met because of it,
 my little business, Rare Rabbits Designs is continually evolving! Here are some of the things happening now. Bunnies, books, photography and illustrations. 
Sharing is fun!
My first children's novel, Tale of the Black Mamba with cover art by me and published by my own publishing house, Rare Rabbits Press
Practicing photography at Crescent Beach. 
New Halloween illustration called, Esmeralda and the Spooky Boo.
Pencil crayon work in progress of Esmeralda and the Spooky Boo. I'm gettin' there!

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Fly Tribe Blog Hop!

August 15, 2012

Day Trip to Golden Ears Park

Packed a lunch and went to Golden Ears Park today. 
Walking the Lower Falls trail. It was so lovely and cool in the forest.
I suddenly realized all the massive stumps in the woods. David told me 150 years ago the loggers used to pound boards into the trunks and stand on them to chop down these beautiful giants. 
A peek at the river from the trail.
Clare in the corner contemplating a swim. 
She won. 
Further on through the forest the boulders get bigger. 
Where's Clare?
She made it! 
We're getting closer!
Now who's contemplating?
Clare falling in the water trying to follow David. 
Hmmm... somehow I thought they'd be bigger. 
Still higher up, another green pool just before it goes over the edge. 
Clare says, "Been there, done that. Lets go home."

August 4, 2012

I Knew You Were Coming So I Baked a Cake!

Just finished a new bunny named Remy Rabbit with her watermelon inspired dress who loves cake, and it doesn't have to be carrot.
Learning to make this darling fimo dessert from a tutorial by miniature food artist, Betsy Niederer, (she's amazing) was a lot harder than I thought. I also made the fimo plate. The doily, I pieced  together using some plastic shelf trim, then glued it onto tulle fabric and embroidered the silk ribbon roses. And making these tiny quilted oven mitts was a piece of cake compared to that piece of cake. 
The whole process took longer than a real cake! I'm hoping to make a new birthday card with these props. 
 My first attempt at a watermelon cane. Did I mention, hard! Remy also loves watermelon, by the way. I better get practising. 
Bye for now.