March 31, 2013

Something Dreamy This Way Comes!

I'm on a new path this year and concentrating on fabric design. Something I've always wanted to do and I'm finally taking the plunge with classes to learn how. So I'll be focusing a lot on drawing this summer. And since I love florals I shouldn't have too much trouble finding my creative centre. 
 I'll be sitting in the shade drinking inspiration from my garden, so flooded with lovely shapes, colours and
fat little succulents for my eye to devour.
There's exciting chartreuse beside
steely cobalt blues next to
trilling hot pinks. What a feast!
And who can resist a sunrise of colour packed in a daffodil.
Then there's my favourite, a cloudless sea of forget-me-nots to paint the sky.
 Of course Clare also gets a new path this year so she can concentrate on running through the garden. Something she's always wanted to do. 
Silly ol' Clarebear.

March 11, 2013

Something New!

One of the things I've always wanted to do is fabric design. So now I've finally started a class to learn how with Adobe Illustrator. Here's my first crack at working with colour, not so great but it's a start.  
There's a lot to learn and I'm hoping soon I'll be able to use my illustrations as jumping off points for some children's fabrics, 
or stationary, 
or journal covers.
 Bunny girls on kiddy jean jackets? Cute!