April 11, 2013

A Repeat to Remember

So, I managed to learn how to create my first design repeat and here it is. Not for sale, only a jumping off point for the real pattern. But Lordy, lemme tell ya,  that was the hardest thing I ever did!  Trouble is, now that it's over I don't even know how I did it or how I'll do it again. I haven't been sleeping at all, just dreaming designs and working twelve hours a day on the computer trying to figure it all out. I don't know how the heck people do this for a living but I want in.   
These are my uploaded Spoonflower colour ways. I know it's not the greatest looking pattern but it could be with a little work. I already have some ideas for a collection. Even though this is just my rough illustration, I like the style of it. I think the idea could work nicely with coordinating fabrics.  
I kind of like the red. With lighter contrasting fabrics it would look good in kitchens, aprons and oven mitts or as outdoor furniture, pillows and stuff. 
Oh, I also learned how to make the new Bunny background on my blog!