November 25, 2014

Merry Little Christmas!

 I love these little cars. I saw the same thing, cars with trees and packages on them on Pinterest and thought it would be adorable to try out on my new coffee table cart that my husband fixed up for me. 
 He found this wonderful old cart, cut the big bar handle off, then sanded the heck out of the wood. But making sure to leave lots of gouges and paint splotches that were already there.  Next he buffed and bees waxed the wood top with three coats of wax. 
It's my favourite thing in the whole house. Though I can't forget my lovely Reindeer Feed pillows either.
Magical Supper For Flying Caribou, it says. How cute. They're also my favourite thing. 
But I really can't get enough of my gorgeous newly painted hutch. This was one ugly lookin' white oak monstrosity with 80's brass coloured hardware. Ugh! My husband painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Emperor Red, then used stained wax over top. To tell you the truth I was nearly sick when I came home from work and saw it with the wax stain, but I didn't have the heart to tell him how much I hated it. I think he kind of knew because I didn't talk much that evening. I wasn't mad I was just very sad. It had looked so pretty when it was red.

The instructions on the website say you're supposed use clear wax first and then the dark wax which he didn't do. The colour turned out super dark like Mahogany and looked like plain old brown. I wanted it red like the cabinet I saw in the Crate&Barrel magazine in the picture below.
Crate&Barrel advertisement. 
The reason for not doing it that way he did was the stain would permanently change the paint colour and then you're screwed. Though after scrutinizing the website I came across a saving bit of information that said you could remove dark wax with clear wax but only while it was still wet.

It definitely wasn't still wet but I was willing to try anything. The next day we used bees wax and clear wax. And it started coming off beautifully while leaving just enough dark wax in the crevices, exactly the way I wanted it to look. That ending part was very exciting. We tried to find some antique knobs but they cost a fortune. So we settled on some pleasing little bronze/black, heavy metal knobs from Home Hardware at $3.00 a piece. What a deal!
Home Sweet Home

November 4, 2014

StrawBunny Tea Cozy!

I haven't had a lot of time for knitting or blogging or anything since starting a new job this year.
And I've been slowly realizing that with working full time I probably wasn't going to be able to make my bunnies anymore. 
 Then surprisingly a wonderful thing happened. When I showed my boss a couple of bunnies, she loved them and wanted to sell them in her market! 
 I can't tell you how happy I felt, how uplifting it's been knowing there's is still hope for my little knitted bunnies. 
So here I go, back in the saddle with this darling StrawBunny Tea Cozy. An original pattern created by me that sits proudly on the market shelf at Krause Berry Farms and Estate Winery. Watching the goings on and just waiting for a new home and a lovely teapot to warm. 
( Knitted Strawberry pattern by PezDiva
 It's funny how a little ray of sunshine changes everything. Here's a peek at PoinsettiaBunny Cozy almost finished and in a few days will be ready to keep StrawBunny company for a while. 
Just call me, Ol' lightning fingers.

September 11, 2014

A Pillowy Pouf

I've been home for a few days working my way through a sore throat and sinus infection. Not fun, but it did give me time to finish the pouf I'd started quite a while ago. 
 I can't find my notes but to make it I used two strands of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and 15 mm circular knitting needles without joining it in a round. It was just much easier using circulars because it was so bulky and could hang in the middle while I was knitting. 

With a few changes to suit myself,
 I mostly followed the directions from the CSI Project site,
 The yarn was nice. It had all kinds of speckly bits in it. Other patterns on the web say you're supposed to stuff the pouf with two king sized duvets but I used what I had, which was two queen sized quilts, one single bed knitted blanket and one king sized sheet. You'd probably get a smoother finish with duvets, mine looks a little bumpy. 
 Here's the top view. 

Clare thought the whole thing was very interesting. Pretty girl. 

August 23, 2014

Sasquatch Hunter

David and I took a day trip to Harrison Hot Springs and it felt like stepping back in time. Not much has changed since I was a little girl visiting with my parents. 
 The scenery is gorgeous, full of gardens, mountains and water. 
 The beach is still beautiful and unhurried. 
I would so love to live here, spending sleepy days painting and people watching. 
 This is new, a map of the lake poured right into the concrete.
There was no shortage of Sasquatches to sit with. 
And I can see myself lounging away the day with friends on this colourful patio, for sure. 
I bet this guy has a few good stories to tell. And his little dog, too. 
Oh look, a baby Sasquatch! 

What do you know? Another Sasquatch!
 Just drive down the road a bit and you come to another wonderful spot. Grey Point. 
Clean and tranquil, hardly a soul on the beach. It's amazing! 
Still further down the road we found Hicks Lake campgrounds. I think we must have gone through a time tunnel. 
I want to be a hippy and live in Harrison Hot Springs. 

August 22, 2014

My Skagit Valley Adventure

Day 1

I got a week off work so we went to Silvertip Campground for a few days. It was a little cloudy the first day and the mosquitoes were nuts. Here is our new tent. Loved it for mosquito protection. So did Clare, I could hardly get her out of it. She doesn't seem to be a camping dog. 
Oh look! A camping man for me! 
Here she's in hurry to get back inside her homey screened-in front porch. 

Day 2

Had to throw out a bunch of food because we discovered a mouse got into the car and nibbled at our stuff. My morning granola. Oooo, I was so mad. Enjoyed my tea looking up river from our site. 

And here I'm looking down river. Gorgeous! The whole campground was empty except for us and another couple a few sites down. The place was kind of spooky at night though, with worrying about bears and wondering what that singing was we could hear. We couldn't make out the words over the noise of the river and it sounded far away. 
Evening comes and I realized I forgot the binoculars, so I used the zoom on my camera to look way down by those rocks near the top right of the photo. We could see something moving in and out of the water. At first we thought it was fish jumping up to eat the mosquitoes. 
Turns out it was this little bird in the far left of the picture diving around the rocks and right under the water. Looked it up in the bird book but couldn't find what it was. 
Looks a little like a Pigeon to me. 
My photos are grainy because my camera was on zoom and I couldn't keep it still.
While I was hunting for bears across the river, I also photographed a family of Mergansers swimming by. 
At least we think they were. That's what the bird book said, anyway. Not a bear, but it's something.

Day 3

 So it wasn't one mouse after all nibbling our food, it was about a half a dozen of them! David caught them in the act after dark when he opened the car door and the lights went on. There they were sitting on the seats munching away as if they were at a Drive-In movie.  The morning after, he made sure he scared them all away before we took off for the suspension bridge and a little hike to the meadow.
This bridge goes across the river and leads into the woods where an old homestead used to be in the 1800's.  I don't understand why anyone would want to live way out here by themselves in the 1800's. 
Here's a little foot bridge on our way. I was pretty freaked out about wild animals so Clare wore the bear bells. 
Finally, the meadow, and the big Ponderosa Pine that was saved by loggers. No sign of a  homestead. 
David standing in front the lonely pine. 
And a close up of the bark. Looks like a face. Yup, pretty lonely all right. I'd say crying, even. Those are bird holes pecked in the wood. 
After that, we took a drive down to Ross Lake and crossed the border to the American side and entered without a passport! Here's the sign going into the States. The ranger lady did write down our license plate number. Ross Lake looked about the same over there as it does on the Canadian side so we turned around and came back to Canada. 
And here's the other side of the same sign coming back. 
Ross Lake on the Canadian side. Not a great shot of the lake, but I do love that tree with the sky and clouds behind it. I think I'll paint it. 
Here's a better shot of the Canadian side of the lake complete with Canada geese, no less. Now to head back to camp for something to eat. 

Day 4

Glad to see the sun from my tent window this morning since I didn't sleep very well and kept my head under the covers most of the night. The weird singing was louder and clearer than the previous nights and sounding much closer, too. But we still couldn't make out the words. My imagination ran wild. 
Final morning is sunny but cold. Drinking my tea before packing up and here comes a couple of stray Mergansers swimming by. 
I could swear one of them said, "Humph, tourists!"
Time to go. 
Some of the mountain views on the way down. 
I'm not sure, but I think this one was Mount Shawatum that the guide book talked about. 
It was lovely trip and I'll definitely go again. 
After we get back we're taking off for a day trip to Harrison Hot Springs. 
Maybe  we'll see a Sasquatch!