June 23, 2015

Chilliwack River

David and I went up to see the kids today while they were camping at Chilliwack Lake. Here's David with their dog Deisel. He's a sweetie, the dog, I mean. 
On the way back we stopped at the river so I could get some human touch shots because that's what the prompt was in Kim Klassen's studio. Photos with a human touch. If I'd remembered I should have taken my daughter Tina's hands. She has beautiful hands. 
 Here I am minding my own business taking pics of my feet. Not very original but I'm way behind, so feet it is. 
 Then suddenly this guy comes flying down the rapids. I didn't even see him till he was right in front of my camera. So I clickety clicked and got him. Pretty lucky. Never had that happen before.
My human touch photos. 

June 10, 2015

Summer Cherries!

I'm so far behind in Kim Klassen's course but I finally got a chance to take some photos. Even though the "Ladders" prompt has come and gone, I thought I'd try it anyway cause I like ladders. 
I wanted to take some cherry shots before they're all gone.The weather's been so beautiful all the  fruit and berries are a few weeks early this year.