February 29, 2016


Had a lot of fun setting up this shoot. 
This is my absolute favourite tea set and it photographs so well. 
Love the shape of this cup. It's an oldie. 
The sun is so pretty coming in through the window. 
Mmmm, chocolate cookies. Are they going to make to the end? 
There are my awesome plates again. I think these plates are tied with my blue chair. 
And the cookies made it, just barely. 

February 21, 2016

Lunch in Provence

I thought I'd jet off to Provence for a bite to eat and stopped at a quaint little place in the country that was serving wine, fresh beets and pears. 
Just kidding, but you knew that. This is another set up for Barb Brookbank's Table Setting prompt. I enjoyed my first try so much I thought I do it again. 
I see I could also use these for Kim Klassen's prompt, Slice of... slice of beet, slice of pear. 
Wasn't thinking of that when I took them. 
It was really cloudy today so my husband shone his shop light through my window like my very own little sun! 
It worked really well. 
No more sad days in the gloom.  
 Just wine and dessert!
Warm sun and dessert
 with pink fingernails. 
And pretty flower plates. 
Next stop... who knows. 

February 17, 2016

Woodland Table Setting

Still working in Kim Klassen's fabulous studio courses. And today I shot one of Barb Brookbank's prompts. Table Settings. I thought about what kind of setting I'd like to have and brunch came to mind. I'd invite two of the funniest, most interesting, clever people I know.
Novelist, Billie Livingston who recently published The Crooked Heart of Mercy.
And her husband, screenwriter/actor/director Tim Kelleher who's busy writing a TV pilot.
Then I thought I'd invite two of the funniest, most interesting, clever people I don't know. Actor/comedian, Catherine O'Hara who plays Moira Rose from TV's Schitt's Creek.

And comedian/actor/director, Eugene Levy who plays Moira's husband, Johnny Rose. Boy, what I wouldn't do to get those four in a room together!
I'd feed them Krause Berry Farm's award winning wine with the label I designed printed on it.

They'd all love my pickled cucumbers. 
They'll need plenty of napkins. 
Tempting sweets. 
More wine for this one. 
And salt of course, in case somebody should break out the Tequila.
Lots of laughs, 
 lots of toasts
and lots of great company!
That's the kind of afternoon I'd like to have.
(Pssst, Billie also happens to be my sweet little sister.)

February 12, 2016

More Slice of...

So here's my next version of Kim Klassen's prompt, Slice Of...
Yesterday I did Slice Of... Life. Today I thought I'd try Slice Of... Heaven. Sort of a romantic little story about love. 
You can't see it from this shot but there's a little diamond ring in the middle of the bird's nest. 
I only managed to get one of these closeups that wasn't blurry, in all the wrong places. 
I took a ton of photos and it was really hard to pick the ones to edit. Not even sure if I picked the right ones. 
Also, it was pouring rain when I got home and I was so worried my photos were going to be lousy. 
So  I asked out loud for sun and boom, there it was for about 3 hours. 
 Somebody up there likes me. 
Happy Valentine's Day! 

February 10, 2016

Slice Of...

Kim Klassen's prompt this week is, Slice Of... fill in the blank. 
Rather than food which was my obvious choice, I thought I'd try and tell a different story. 
This is about a man thinking back over his life. 
Of the fun, 
and the sweetness.