March 24, 2016


 So loving the gorgeous light in this room. 
 Pretty rose plates that just I can't get enough of. 
There's something completely wonderful about roses.
A simple rose can bring so much joy. 
Happy day!

March 14, 2016


Adventures in Condo living.  
Table for two, please. 
No moving day is complete without a croissant breakfast and a strong coffee to wash it down.
Excuse me, but I'll have paint, hardwood floors and some violets to spruce up the joint. 
Oh, and an actual table might be nice. 
Although a crate works really well, too.
Mmm, delicious! 
Happy days ahead.

March 11, 2016


 There wasn't a lot of sun today but at least it was bright enough to get these shots of my pretty green glass bird that I received as a gift many years ago and some junk store treasures. 
 Like this darling little Japanese bowl. Love. 
The vases are new, couldn't resist the colour. 
 Then there's this sweet vintage teapot that jumped into my hands. 
Little glass birdie, what do say? Ne'er a little chirp to come your way. 

March 5, 2016


Photographed some daffodils yesterday that were tight as little knots when I bought them. The florist advised me to place them in warm water so they'd open faster. And poof, so exciting, a few hours later they were blooming right before my very eyes! I found that lovely old glass vase at the junk store for a buck and a half. Can't beat that for a bargain. 
The other exciting thing was spotting a gorgeous Bald eagle outside my window. Too bad I wasn't a little faster with my camera! 
I love the light coming through the space, so romantic. 
There's nothing nicer than spending a sock-footed morning on your own with a hot cup of tea, reading a favourite magazine. 
The daffs not so full in this photo but they're starting. 
Here's a cute little knitted bunny tea cozy I made. She's a honey bunny, dressed as a bumble bee.
Orange sunshine, sweet and delicious makes me want to bake orange muffins or bread or something just as wonderful.  
Now to my worn but loved, cozy chair by the window. Ahhh, tranquility.