April 18, 2016

Dogwood and Apple Trees.

 I should be packing for the move, but I'm not. Instead I'm photographing my beautiful Dogwood tree that I will truly miss. 
And my apple tree. Guess I'll be doing some walking around the city instead of walking around my yard. I hope my sweet pup, Clare likes the move. She's never lived anywhere but the suburbs. Although for a lab, she's not big on the outdoors. I think she has allergies and prefers to stay inside. She's constantly ringing the bell to come in, when I put her out. Silly old thing. 

 Happy Day! 

April 5, 2016

Mid Century Modern Design

I'm in love with Mid Century Modern design lately. I've been scrolling around on Pinterest and they're calling it furniture porn! 

We're painting over at the condo this week and I'm so excited. We're getting closer. We have 9' ceilings, perfect for large art. I did this piece with a pallet knife and really loved how it turned out. It's brighter than it shows here, more pink and yellow but I wanted a subdued look for these edits. 
 I started looking around and found quite a bit of Mid Century stuff in my own house. It was spread all over the place so I didn't notice or appreciate it as much as when it's grouped together. 
Like my lovely Chalet glass thingy that I've had for years. 
 I'm looking for a beautiful vintage Danish teak credenza. But for now this Ikea sideboard will have to do. I'm kicking myself because I just sold my 1959 console stereo thinking I couldn't take it with me. Oh well, I hope the couple who bought it, enjoy it. 
Lovely pensive Clare. She's so pretty. 
And a little bit chubby, like a seal.