March 23, 2017


Ta dah... my finished Dandelion Dreams design! 
I think I found my new art love. 
 I need to reposition some of the motifs to get rid of the vertical line spaces, but I still like it. 

March 21, 2017


I've been wanting to try surface design forever and I'm finally doing it. I'm taking a fabric design workshop with Bonnie Christine. She's so great, I just love her. 
These are the finished motifs for my design called Dandelion Dreams. Now I just have to make a pattern out of them! 

January 24, 2017


Spring is coming and flowers are begging for a portrait. I painted this water colour a few years back. It started out as a drawing lesson for myself one afternoon which then turned into a painting lesson. I ponder whether I could ever do it again? It's so loose... the freedom I feel when I look at it makes me happy. 

It's funny when you rifle through your old work for inspiration. When something catches your eye and you wonder how did I do it? What frame of mind was I in? Where is that courage now that I need it, I think, as I look at my lovely new paint brushes and paints? I stare blankly at the vast whiteness of the beautiful paper I received from my sister for Christmas, that calls me out as a coward, dares me to splotch colour on it's face, betting I never will. 


November 11, 2016


Here's a snippet of a new display I designed for the market at Krause Berry Farms. It's my rendition of The Nutcracker and my two coworkers helped me build it. I would never have thought of putting lights under her skirt, thank you Anne! And thank you Maureen for all your gentle care and input, mechanical and otherwise! Couldn't have done it without you. 

This delightful ballerina dress was worn by Emily A. who works in the winery, when she danced in a recital as a mere wisp of a girl some years ago. She must have been a sight to behold. 
I got lucky with the sun streaming in through the window, which doesn't hurt either.
I bought myself a gorgeous 50mm f/1.4 lens and it's a little different from the one that came with my camera. This one's a prime lens and the other wasn't. It's taking some getting used to but I love it, and it's making my photography learning process very enticing.   

For this shoot I'm claiming artistic license.
All these photos have been lightened somewhat during editing, but I feel like the tones are the same so combining two displays for this post seemed okay. The candles actually belong in the honey display across the aisle from The Nutcracker. 
Cotton ball garlands for your holiday entertaining.
Squatty candles. Much prettiness happening here with their little bee shapes.
Three little nutcracker soldiers standing at attention. Totally says Christmas!
Silver and gold, 
Silver and gold.
      Ev'ryone wishes for 
Silver and gold. 
Pillar candles. They smell amazing. I find myself doing a lot of dusting in this area, lately. 
Meant to Bee fun!
I just adore the Christmas tree candles, but I don't think I'd have the heart to light them, if they were mine.
Peace on Earth. 

November 3, 2016


My coworker, Maureen and I created this fun display for the market at Krause Berry Farms. And having so many unique products to work with, we had a ball designing it. 
These items tell a charming story about Anja, a sweet little girl with a Christmas wish. 
There's adorable books, decorations and linens,
 with something for everyone's Christmas beginnin's. 
 Mugs filled with treats, I pick cocoa.
 Who wouldn't?
  Made candlelier lighting. Real candles? 
You shouldn't.
There's rugs for your tootsies in gay, cheery patterns.
And functional aprons to ward off the splatterns. 
Many bells, countless stars keep the gaiety bright, 
ready to fasten on a cold winter's night. 
We have mittens and booties to hang near your hat.
Look! Nordic-style teapots to cherish, beat that!
 You can never go wrong with a cute wooden sign.
And jingle bell garlands will all do just fine!
Warm stuffies to love make the children so happy.
Before they go down for their afternoon nappy.
Pretty napkins to dab cocoa drips from your chin,
And bells for your reindeer! She said with a grin.
 Of course bedtime stories and soft friends to cuddle.
Make it all dreamy, 
For your holiday huddle!

September 9, 2016


It's been a long time since I've been able to take some time for myself. My move is finally finished and I feel like I can breathe again. 

We were in our house for almost 30 years and it was a phenomenal task getting out of there. Talk about downsizing. Oy!

There's still unpacking to do and a full time job to get to, but at least I'm settled. Mind you, I've forgotten everything I've learned in my photography class and will have to start from the bottom again. Almost couldn't figure out how to post my photo on Instagram, that's how behind I am. 

Took this shot on my tiny condo balcony for Kim Klassen's prompt called, Gather. I found these lovely acorns and leaves on one of our evening walks with little Clare. She's quite enjoying condo life and the role of city doggie. Funny, all that worry for nothing.

May 12, 2016


Took a little packing break for some flower love. 
And Cornflowers I think, are one of my favourites. 
I started playing with this one to use as a background page for the new website I'm working on. 
 Japanese Maple, so pretty. 
 So delicate. 
And Cranes bill, what a sweet little plant.