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Being an artist and designer has been my sole purpose in life since the age of four when I cut my first piece of fabric, my mother's beautiful red cashmere sweater. From there I progressed to tacking buttons to anything I could pin down. By age ten I was sewing tap dancing costumes and redesigning paper doll dresses I'd seen in the Dean Martin, Matt Helm movies. I loved my Betty and Veronica paper dolls. They were drawn especially for me using coloured pencils. I suppose that's where I developed my love for that colourful medium and rely on it today in all of my illustrations.

My explorations have taken me into fashion design, water colour painting, sculpting, fiction writing and my latest fascinations, photography and knitting. I started knitting a few years ago and found great comfort in it, so creating a vehicle in which to sell my work was my next big step. I've always wanted a little shop, now with Etsy and the Internet it's all possible. I'm hoping as I learn and grow I'll be able to give back some of the encouragement I've received from others, 'Cause Everybunny Needs Somebunny Sometime' as I'm so fond of saying these days.

The job of self publishing was huge, from formatting the text to having a great cover and luckily I was able to use my love of pencil crayon to illustrate my own. Although I can safely say it would never have happened without my funny, supportive husband who happily rose to the occasion, striking as many silly poses as I asked, all to get just the right one. But the work didn't stop there, a website was in order, so I created one and along with it my own little publishing house, Rare Rabbits Press in which to showcase my lovely new book. In the meantime, I've started work on the second novel in the sequel, The Bewitching of Aunt Fly. To read more about my self publishing journey, visit me at lenoreangela.com 

I'm married, mother of three grown children and grandmother to two small boys. I live with my brilliant, handy husband and furry baby, a shiny black lab named Clare, in our cozy house in the suburbs where we love to garden and renovate.

Thanks so much for your kindness.

All my best,