January 10, 2011

Tea With Friends

Lately I've been living with a joy thief named Guilt who stays in my spare room full time but never sleeps. Guilt has some merit but not a lot. I don't mind entertaining Guilt when it's constructive, but sometimes Guilt's personality is just too overpowering. That's when I call up Reason. Reason has a place of her own and doesn't come over very often. I always look forward to enjoying a cup of tea with Reason. 
Reason assures me, as we laugh over a cookie, that it'll all get done. That this is my journey and I owe it to myself to experience everything I create. 
Guilt, on the other hand, stuffs shortbread in my mouth saying,"yes, but you're wasting time. Who cares if you post another blog or finish the edit for your kid's novel? You probably won't win that contest anyway." 
Reason is always on my side, insisting that I have the skills and talent to accomplish whatever I want. That the powers that be will take care of everything. And if my desires weren't supposed to be, I wouldn't be thinking about them in the first place. That my dreams are little puffs of intuition gently blowing me forward on my path. And it's all good. 
So today I'll spend a little time with my novel and little time with my business and it'll all get done.
Thank you Reason, hope you come again soon. 
Have another cookie, Guilt.