December 21, 2011

My Journey Into Self Publishing

I wanted to try and make a video diary documenting the progress of my book cover. I only wish I'd thought of it sooner because as you can see I'm already a couple of days into my painting. I'm using water colour, pencil crayon and my husband as a model. But shhh, he doesn't want anyone to know.  

Tale of the Black Mamba is my first YA novel which will be self published by Rare Rabbits Press in mid January. And despite the fact that I really don't know how to make a movie I'm still pretty proud of myself. Considering there's no music, the beginning moves around as if I was wearing a beanie cam and the ending cuts off rather suddenly, I still think it's great. But then I would, wouldn't I?
 Even though my movie was cut short, I kept working and managed to finish quite a bit of my painting today. Looks like it won't take as long as I thought. There's hope yet. Tomorrow I start on the evil Dr. Wu.