January 24, 2014

Honeycomb Brioche Cowl

 I made a knittted cowl for my daughter. Didn't have a pattern so I just winged it. I'd been dying to try this new stitch if I could only learn how to do it. 
 It's called Honeycomb Brioche. Turned out pretty good I thought, and it wasn't hard at all. 
I was kind of a dunce when it came to reading any how-to instructions on it, though. Then I found a video tutorial on a great website called New Stitch a Day. Totally loved learning this stitch and big love to the website. They have tons of tutorials for knitting and crochet. So handy to be able to watch and learn.
The edge is finished in Garter stitch.  
 Here are two shots of how the reverse side looks. Quite love the wooden buttons, too. 
Think I'll make another one for my Etsy shop, only two-tone this time and maybe a tad smaller.