February 22, 2015

Airport Inspiration

When I was out swiping blossoms the other day for the previous post's photo shoot, I came across this fabulous old door on a maintenance building at the little airport we have here. I made a point of going back yesterday to see what I could come up with. I was trying for vintage, hope I got it. 
I was a sort of worried, what with the suitcase and all, that I'd be chased out of there. A guy watched me for a while and saw I was harmless so he went back about his business. Unfortunately I couldn't get beyond the fence for a better shot at these lovely old planes, which was sucky. Plus there was a big pole down the centre of the picture which was also sucky. But I managed to remove it using LR. 
Whaaat! Amazing!
Squeezing out one more photo of the white blossoms that I acquired on Friday. Hmm, I wonder what tomorrow has in store. I never knew photography could be so much fun!