March 17, 2015


The class prompt this week is, Ivy. So I opened my window and let the ivy tumble in. Actually I set up my lovely window on a table in the yard and draped ivy from my garden all over it. That's a table cloth pretending to be a curtain. I only wish it had been sunny, I didn't get any shadows. But I did get super lucky with that window.
The Habitat for Humanity store was moving to another location and didn't want to haul all their junk over to the new place. The sign said, All windows $10.00, but this one had a price tag of $110.00. 
The lady said, "Oh, no, not ten dollars for that one."
"Are you sure?" I say. "The sign says, ALL windows." 
"I'll check," she says.
I rock on my heels, hum a little tune, look non threatening.
"You're right!" she says. "It's all yours for ten smackers!"
"Yippee! Thank you, Lady. Pleasure doin' business with ya, M'am." And I troddle off to my car.
Some lovely Ivy on a fence. The fence picture I took at Clayburn Village.
My garden Ivy.