April 10, 2015

Choclolate Pudding & Meadow Grunge

 Thought I'd show what I'm learning from Kim Klassen. TEXTURES! I made my own textures to add to my photos. This one is called Meadow Grunge and I love the green. I painted them on canvas using different things like paint, ink, drywall mud and ripped paper. It was really fun and interesting to do and I was covered in paint when I was done. I scanned them into my computer then adjusted them in Photoshop.
And this one is called Cracked Eggs Lt. It's a lighter version of the first texture I did the other day. So now I have two textures of my very own. Woot! Woot! 
Here's what they look like on my photos. In Photoshop I stacked them onto the, Making Chocolate Pudding photos I took yesterday. 
 I love how they turned out.