May 1, 2015

Lily of the Valley

Oh boy! The Lily of the valley are up!
I absolutely adore these flowers. They smell so gorgeous! 
Took them out to the garden along with my darling sugar pot today. These two are sitting on an old moss covered stump with a tree growing on the top that years ago just seeded itself there. It's not part of the stump it's a different tree altogether and has lovely roots that cling down the sides of the stump to hold on. Don't know how it's getting any nutrients but I guess the stump must be giving it something. I should have pulled it out when it started. First it was so tiny and harmless and cute, then suddenly 25 years has passed and that cute little sprig is huge. 
These pretty guys are another favourite of mine, Spiraea. I think the spot is too shady or I haven't trimmed it enough because it doesn't have a lot of flowers. It's kind of spindly but I love the way it adds to the beauty of the stump, all loose and gangly. 
Just a little experiment in Black and White.