October 6, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

  I've been working, working all summer and haven't had time to do anything. 
But last week I thought I'd try my hand at pumpkin carving. I made these guys for the market.
I watched a pumpkin carving tutorial by Ray Villafane. He's amazing! Here are the first two pumpkins I carved.
 Then I tried a third. He turned out pretty well, except he was hard as a rock and it took me ten hours. 
I was really pleased with him so I took him to work to sit with the other two.

 It just happened to be the day of the Giant Pumpkin-Weigh In at Krause Berry Farms

And guess what! After it was over my boss gave me a giant pumpkin to carve. 
It took six men to move this 800 pounder into position. The winner that day was over 1400 pounds.
Here are my tools. I had to carve it by memory because my I Pad wasn't working for me to refer back to the tutorial. 
Hmm, seems a little crazy from this angle. 
There, much happier! It's taken from below looking up. Well at least he won't be scary to short people. Come to Krause Berry Farms and check him out and enter the
Name the Pumpkin-Head contest!