November 1, 2010

Mini Launch

Hi again, I thought I'd stop dodging my blog and try to say something. After all I did say I was going to speak of my progression. So, the other day I managed to link my little robot here to my web site. It may not seem like much but from where I sit, it was absolutely gold medal worthy. Also, I did a sort of mini launch by sending out emails to friends, family and past customers with links to my new business. And lo and behold I got an order from a past customer! I do believe this is going to work. This morning I read briefly about increasing my online presence using Face book and Twitter. The author says if you wait til you know how to do everything it'll never get done. She says to jump right in with both feet and just make your mistakes. I don't know, I think if I do that I'll need a blindfold as well, because it feels a lot like I imagine standing in front of a firing squad would. My learn-the-computer-in-a-day-list is getting longer and longer. I hope if I keep doing something everyday I won't forget how I did it the day before. Sort of like when I sat down to write this blog--I forgot how to post. Which reminds me, I should write down my password.