December 10, 2010

Christmas Time Again

I went to the Langley Writer's Christmas gathering yesterday at the beautiful Michaud Heritage House in Langley and saw all my new friends. It was really nice. I haven't been to the group in months because I've been so busy with school and setting up my business. There's been no time for any fun at all--oh wait, I guess I can't say that. Starting up my little business has been way fun! 

Another exciting thing was getting my hands on the Valley Voices Chap Book which just so happens to house a piece of mine. I'm so proud. I've included it further down in this post. Loreena Lee, a fabulous local artist did all the artwork for the book. I was thrilled to see the beautiful line drawing she included under my contribution. 

Here's the front entry at Michaud House.

 I couldn't resist getting a shot of the wall paper. So William Morris. I love William Morris. 

I also couldn't resist this little guy. 

Here's the published piece.