February 10, 2011


Here's a beautiful image of Niagara Falls I plucked from the internet. I would love to have plastered my book title across the front but that wouldn't be right, for many reasons. I would also love to include my submission pitch to this post, not to mention my excerpt, just for the sheer delight that somebody might read it, like it and tell me so. But since the whole thing's a big secret for the judging, I can't say a word. Though I've already blabbed my book title half way across the internet, I'm sure nobody'll notice. The odds of anybody ever connecting me to my submission is highly unlikely. The only thing I can safely say about my YA novel is:

XXXXX is a darkly comic story that challenges the bonds of family loyalty, love and power. With a knack for the zany, XXXXX transports the reader into an action-packed adventure they won’t soon forget, a hilarious farce sure to capture imaginations and funny bones alike.

Pretty generic, I think I'm safe.

Prayer for the day:
Oh great universal mother (cause I know you're a woman therefore sacrificial lambs do not apply) please deliver me into the loving arms of round two heaven. Amen.