August 15, 2012

Day Trip to Golden Ears Park

Packed a lunch and went to Golden Ears Park today. 
Walking the Lower Falls trail. It was so lovely and cool in the forest.
I suddenly realized all the massive stumps in the woods. David told me 150 years ago the loggers used to pound boards into the trunks and stand on them to chop down these beautiful giants. 
A peek at the river from the trail.
Clare in the corner contemplating a swim. 
She won. 
Further on through the forest the boulders get bigger. 
Where's Clare?
She made it! 
We're getting closer!
Now who's contemplating?
Clare falling in the water trying to follow David. 
Hmmm... somehow I thought they'd be bigger. 
Still higher up, another green pool just before it goes over the edge. 
Clare says, "Been there, done that. Lets go home."