September 10, 2012

Making Minis

I've been making mini treats.
And somebunny can't wait to get at them. 
I love the little Victorian  chairs I made from a kit. Step one was staining, then painting with white acrylic and the excess wiped off before it dried. I like the worn look it gives. 
Hmm, a little too innocent, I think. Reminds me of when my children were little...just before the sugar rush.
The plates were made with oven baked clay and a cookie cutter.  And the plate stand, I did using wire,  beads and jewelry findings.
There's that beautiful old junk store find, my lovely grandfather clock. I made the Halloween banner then attached it to string with tiny clothes pins. A mini pumpkin from the craft store was glued to a skeleton body, given a lovely bow tie and smiling face. I think he looks much happier now that he has a head.
Here's the real candy beside the clay candy.