September 28, 2012

Rabbity Countertop

A brand new kitchen counter for a rabbity sized photo shoot.
This is my counter design for the kitchen scene I'm working on to display all the sweet treats for my latest Halloween greeting card.
 I didn't include my exact measurements for this piece of furniture because the props I create for my bunny photos are bigger than the 1:12 scale that most miniature artists go by. And I think you'd be pretty mad by the time you finished building this cupboard and it was too big for your mini scene. I usually have to adjust any instructions I come across when building my furniture. However, this cabinet is 3" x 8, 1/2"if you're curious. In any case, I learned the basics from Kris Compas. So if you're looking for instructions for one inch minis, check her out, she's pretty ingenius! After deciding on the size I wanted, I measured, cut and glued mat board together and ended up with this lovely cupboard base. Perfect! Just what I had in mind. 
 Here I've incorporated the side arch from Kris's hutch design. She says it takes the heaviness away from the cabinet. I like it. 
Next I dry fitted the front to the base to make sure it was going to fit properly.
I made a small change to the shape of my kitchen table template to accommodate the length of the cabinet. Also, cutting these tiny doors and drawer fronts was a million times easier using this affordable mat cutting tool  I bought with a Michael's coupon. Mmmm, coupons...
Next I sanded the edges of the mat board for a smoother finish and lined up the doors then glued them in place. I decided to skip the shaker style detail that was on my original drawing because it was making me crazy. 
Oops! Forgot I needed a top to adhere the counter to. 
Yay! That's better, a proper frame. 
On goes the front. Glue and elastics, a girl's best friend!
 Time to work on the counter top. First I sanded and stained a piece of oak. Here's a better view of my table edge and the new bottom of the cupboard. Almost the same, except the cupboard template is a slightly different shape since its longer. The center is the same and that's what I wanted. 
I've Mod Podged the oak. It goes on white, but dries clear. I like the satiny luster it gives once it's dry.
A coat of white paint and it's on to the drawer pulls.
This is another trick I learned from Kris Compas, only she used it to make flower petals. And I'm going to make drawer pulls. Here goes. With a template, trace and cut out four circles from card stock. Then choosing the next size up, trace four more slightly bigger circles. Place the smaller circles between wet paper towel for a few minutes to soften the card stock. 
 With a piece of craft foam and a ball stylus swirl the circles into bowl shapes, then fold them in half reshaping if needed. Set aside. Once dry, glue the half bowls to the larger circles making sure to center them with a tiny edge. Trim off the extra card stock so you have half circles.
Paint and glaze. Hopefully in my Halloween photo, these will look like brass drawer pulls.
I found some beads and brass coloured end caps to make my door knobs. Almost ready!
Just to give you an idea of the size of this cute cupboard, that's a little snack sized Smarties box on display.
Happy Halloween!