December 10, 2012

Custom Cozy for Dear Deborah!

My monsterly talented friend, Deborah Velasques thrilled me to death by ordering my Scandia Style tea cozy. She's an amazing artist in love with bright, bold colours and beautiful words. 
 I was a little nervous when I saw her teapot. Price Bros/ England/ 1950's A gorgeous set she picked up in Wales.  
And not the same shape at all as my little Brown Betty. Yikes!  She chose her colours, black, cream, green and said she was very fond of orange. She told me she liked the Marimekko look. I had no idea what that look was til I Googled it. 
     Marimekko is a Finnish company based in Helsinki. They are particularly noted for brightly coloured printed fabrics and simple styles.
Here is the finished tea cozy bright and cheerful, just like Deborah. 
With ceramic owl bead tassels and added stitches at the bottom to accommodate her lovely teapot.
I remembered around a year ago a post she did about owls and how she really liked them. This is her design, carved and block printed into cards. Aren't they cute!
So wasn't  I surprised when hunting for just the right beads for her cozy I found; owls! And orange, cream and black ones, to boot. So thank you Deborah for putting a modern twist on my traditional cozy! 

Here's another fantabulous piece by Deborah Velasques. She really does love cream black orange and green!  I'm hoping she decides to become a fabulous fabric designer. If you want to see more of Deborah's incredible work, check out her Blog:
Or better yet, click on the World Art Group link below to purchase one of her beautiful word path posters!
Happy Christmas everyone!