December 19, 2012

Family Visits

 My sister-in-law, Deanna came over from Victoria, B.C. on Friday and left Tuesday. Unfortunately she had to cut her visit short because she's a midwife and one of her babies decided to come early. It's a good thing the plane trip from Victoria to Abbotsford only took 21 minutes. Pretty amazing since normally it would have taken almost 4 hours with all the driving and ferry boat riding. Just before she boarded the plane to go home she got a text saying her gal was 8 cm. Yikes! Deanna's friend picked her up at the airport in Victoria and whizzed her straight to the hospital. She made it! Here's a shot with Deanna and my youngest daughter, Daphne. I love this picture. Saturday, Deanna and I sat by the fire in our pajamas knitting and blabbing til 4 in the afternoon! That was fun. While she was here we went to Michael's a couple of times, visited my older kids and grand kids, relaxed and just had a good time. All my family pics turned out blurry otherwise I would've included them. 
   She made all the girls some festive little earrings. These pretty blue ones are mine. We picked up some really fun yarn and I knitted a ruffle scarf. The directions on the wrapper weren't so hot but I found a great YouTube tutorial that explained it perfectly. Straight knitting on only 6 stitches and look at the wonderful, lacy scarf you get. I'm going to list mine in my Etsy shop and hopefully someone will want to buy it. Although I feel a little guilty about that, it's sinfully easy. 

Premier Starbella Ruffle Scarf

This scarf is made using one skein of net ribbon and you can see there's enough length to wrap it a few different ways. Deanna says there's 50 ways to wrap a scarf, but I only know 2, so here they are.

In this version you fold the scarf in half, drape it around your neck, then stuff the 2 tails through the folded loop. Goes all fluffy and pretty.
 Here I've placed it backwards on my dress form, then brought the 2 loose ends to the front. 
Looks very complicated up close but it's so easy. 
Update! It's 25 ways to wear a scarf and here's the link. Thanks Deanna! =:0)
 I was going to make a bunch of ruffle scarves until I saw a pattern for a beautiful chunky infinity scarf done on big circular needles and I just had to make one, plus the yarn was on sale at Michaels. 

Here's a link Deanna sent me when she got home. It's the Christmas story told by children from St. Paul's Church in New Zealand. So very cute!