January 30, 2013

Pretty in a Pink Scarf

 It's been so long since I've posted and I feel bad about that but life has just been darn hectic lately. I got myself a part time job without realizing how much time a part time job would take. Oh well, maybe I'll win the Lottery and go back to bunnying. In the meantime, I'm back with some pics. Not bunnies, but shawl pins is what I've been working on. And scarves, beautiful scarves. 
When I started this project I thought these pins were going to be fast and easy but they've been giving me more trouble than their worth. Though I'm happy with the results, the process is murder. This one I call Diamond Branch and Leaf. 
I had to redo my pretty Amber Renaissance Style pin because getting the finish perfect has been majorly difficult. I don't know why I'm having such a problem getting the varnish to go on smoothly. It always ends up with tiny little bubbles that won't pop with a pin and dry into tiny little bumps that make me want to -- grrrrr -- not be very nice. 
When I do manage to finish one, I love it. All this fretting is really making me want to get back to my bunnies. This was only supposed to be a small bunny break. 
Though I still have a ton more pins to make. Oy! I think I'm over doing it.