January 2, 2013


Ten-cup teapots at The Cobblestone Cottage have finally arrived!
And what do you know? The extra large tea cozy they asked me to make actually fits! AND accommodates a pot with a helper handle, no less. I didn't know what a helper handle was til I went into the store to photograph my cozy and said, "Eeeps"! Then, "Whew" when I saw it was no problem. 
So, now I've finished my first chunky infinity scarf, knitted in simple Moss Stitch that you can wear in three different ways. As a shawl, when you sit by the fire, doubled around your neck for a stroll around town and even doubled around you neck with a hood for those windy days in the park or invigorating walks through a tornado. 
I made this scarf from a free, online pattern using Lion Brand, Wool-Ease, Thick and Quick Yarn in the colour Oatmeal and 9mm circular needles. It's really cozy. 
Here's my own design inspired from the free pattern. I changed the stitch count, added a border and changed the overall pattern from single Moss Stitch to Double Moss Stitch. The yarn I used was Berroco's Vintage Chunky in a lovely red, colour 6134, no name which is sad. Half the fun of buying yarn is the colour name and 6mm circular needles. 

At the moment, I'm working on a shawl pattern to show off my new shawl pins, though if you ask me they look just as nice on a scarf. But then I would say that, wouldn't I? 
These pins came about because I've been trying to think of some new products to add to my Etsy shop and shawl pins seemed perfect. "Fast and easy,"I said. "Piece a' cake," I said. Not. Many days and many disasters later I've managed to perfect my product. Here's what I start with, oak branches cut into slices and some store bought chopsticks. So after much whittling, sanding, drilling, staining and sweating, in a very loud way.
I give you two, pretty little shawl pins. 
I'm probably more pleased with myself than I should be. I just hope this isn't one of those things you work your fingers to the bone over, thinking you're so great, then somebody comes along and says, "Ehh." 
Oh well, I really like them and I'm already expanding on this design idea to include other items that I'll keep to myself for now, but here's a little hint. 
Think Hare accessories!