May 23, 2013

Going A Little Stripey

I was playing around with stripes and came up with this design that I really liked. Except the colours didn't go with my original design but I really liked them. So I thought I'd try and lighten the motif. Love that aqua! When I was little, my mum bought me a Rocky and Bullwinkle colouring book along with a giant pack of crayons. I coloured every single picture a beautiful shade of aqua. 
This is definitely not the finished arrangement. I was just trying to put something together fast to check the colours out. With a little more fiddling it could work for a baby print. Summer hat, little dress. T-shirt onsie.
And here's a stripe with stronger colours. I think this would be cute as a reversible beach bag with a white, cotton rope cord woven through large silver grommets. Could maybe lose some of the red. It's been really fun experimenting and learning how to use my Adobe Illustrator program although designing is much harder than I thought it was going to be.