May 21, 2013

Summer Fun!

I'm taking The Ultimate Guide to Repeats Workshop, taught by Michelle Fifis of Pattern Observer.  She's a marvelous instructor and I love the class! Anyway, here's what I've learned. This type of pattern is called a tossed layout. It's supposed to look random but it was hard, hard, hard, because my little inflatable seahorse was... I'll say randomly challenged. But if you know me you'll know that's not what I said. It began with four days all to myself. The first day I worked for 16 hours. Pah! Then had to start all over again the next day and the next day after that. So glad my family wasn't here to witness this. I would have never heard the end of it. OCD comes to mind. The finished repeat is 11 x 11 inches square and here it is in four colour ways. I'll be spending the next week working on some coordinating fabrics to go with it. I think I got this.  

See you soon!