July 25, 2013

Morning Fuchsia Part 3

So, here's where I left off last night. And today I put in another 8 hours. I think I'm making progress. It's been really hard figuring out how to handle the paint. In the last couple of hours I finally started to get it. 
I couldn't figure out how to make the colours I wanted either. I always go too dark, plus the paint dries darker which really confused me. But once I got the colours right things really started falling into place. Even my paint brush behaved itself.

 I used the colour picker on my Mac to help me make the nice light colours I was after. It's in the Applications folder in Finder and then in the Utilities folder. 

I opened my photograph to my desktop, put the Digital Colour Meter on my dock and just picked the colours from the photo. Super easy! I was really surprised to see how far off I was. But it sure made me look at things differently.