August 23, 2014

Sasquatch Hunter

David and I took a day trip to Harrison Hot Springs and it felt like stepping back in time. Not much has changed since I was a little girl visiting with my parents. 
 The scenery is gorgeous, full of gardens, mountains and water. 
 The beach is still beautiful and unhurried. 
I would so love to live here, spending sleepy days painting and people watching. 
 This is new, a map of the lake poured right into the concrete.
There was no shortage of Sasquatches to sit with. 
And I can see myself lounging away the day with friends on this colourful patio, for sure. 
I bet this guy has a few good stories to tell. And his little dog, too. 
Oh look, a baby Sasquatch! 

What do you know? Another Sasquatch!
 Just drive down the road a bit and you come to another wonderful spot. Grey Point. 
Clean and tranquil, hardly a soul on the beach. It's amazing! 
Still further down the road we found Hicks Lake campgrounds. I think we must have gone through a time tunnel. 
I want to be a hippy and live in Harrison Hot Springs.