November 25, 2014

Merry Little Christmas!

 I love these little cars. I saw the same thing, cars with trees and packages on them on Pinterest and thought it would be adorable to try out on my new coffee table cart that my husband fixed up for me. 
 He found this wonderful old cart, cut the big bar handle off, then sanded the heck out of the wood. But making sure to leave lots of gouges and paint splotches that were already there.  Next he buffed and bees waxed the wood top with three coats of wax. 
It's my favourite thing in the whole house. Though I can't forget my lovely Reindeer Feed pillows either.
Magical Supper For Flying Caribou, it says. How cute. They're also my favourite thing. 
But I really can't get enough of my gorgeous newly painted hutch. This was one ugly lookin' white oak monstrosity with 80's brass coloured hardware. Ugh! My husband painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Emperor Red, then used stained wax over top. To tell you the truth I was nearly sick when I came home from work and saw it with the wax stain, but I didn't have the heart to tell him how much I hated it. I think he kind of knew because I didn't talk much that evening. I wasn't mad I was just very sad. It had looked so pretty when it was red.

The instructions on the website say you're supposed use clear wax first and then the dark wax which he didn't do. The colour turned out super dark like Mahogany and looked like plain old brown. I wanted it red like the cabinet I saw in the Crate&Barrel magazine in the picture below.
Crate&Barrel advertisement. 
The reason for not doing it that way he did was the stain would permanently change the paint colour and then you're screwed. Though after scrutinizing the website I came across a saving bit of information that said you could remove dark wax with clear wax but only while it was still wet.

It definitely wasn't still wet but I was willing to try anything. The next day we used bees wax and clear wax. And it started coming off beautifully while leaving just enough dark wax in the crevices, exactly the way I wanted it to look. That ending part was very exciting. We tried to find some antique knobs but they cost a fortune. So we settled on some pleasing little bronze/black, heavy metal knobs from Home Hardware at $3.00 a piece. What a deal!
Home Sweet Home