April 27, 2011

Dog Walking Time

The nice thing about working for yourself is the flexibility and most days I stop what I'm doing to take puppy for a romp. We have a beautiful provincial park near our house where my husband and I like to walk. 
It's such a peaceful setting and right across the street was this monster of a machine that I have no idea what it is but I just loved it. I never noticed it before because I'm always so busy trying to find something pretty to photograph. 
The rust and hard structure of it made me look for more of that kind of beauty which I found on the locking gate posts in the park. 
 I tried sticking to my hunt of structured objects but in the woods every thing turns organic sooner or later. I found these mossy rails. Even though it is a fence and a structure, I see I can't help falling back into my old pattern of soft and pretty. It reminds me of a line in a story I wrote on a camping trip we took. 
The woods are soft and fragrant with the cleverness of cougars, keeping me rooted and sharp in its timber.  
Ever since I took an online blogging course, I've been practicing my photography methods. Here I've tried to duplicate the blurry backgrounds I so adore in the professional photos I see. I can do it occasionally at best. I think if I had a better camera, one that enables super close, closeups I'd be happy. I want to get so close as to capture a dew drop.   
I wish I knew what I was doing when I do manage to catch it. Usually I end up with the opposite of what I want, a blurry foreground and clear background. 
Sometimes it works,
like it did with my forget-me-nots.
Mostly it doesn't. Oh well, back to the drawing board and my studio. Bunnies await.