April 23, 2011

Playing in the Yard

The first really warm spring day we've had here and I just couldn't stay indoors and work even though I have so much to do, it's supposed to rain tomorrow so I'll get back at it then. I usually take one day a week off anyway, I'd rather it was a rainy day than a sunny one. I had big plans for today and finishing my dear, Great Aunt Grace's bunnies was one of them. She's 92 years old and lives in New Brunswick. I was so pleased to get her order, Rabbit Hood and Maid Marian. 

And something else very exciting happened the other day. Clare thinks every day is exciting, such a lovely doggy smile!
I was asked to be part of a women's expo show on June 4th. I have no idea how to prepare for it though, which kind of worries me. Like how my table is supposed to look. 

I thought about it a lot while I was wandering through my yard. How much change do I bring? Do I incorporate tax into the final price and round it off so there aren't a bunch of nickels and dimes flying around? What if my mind goes blank while I'm counting out their change? Where do I buy the bags to put customer merchandise in?

Of course I'll need a pretty table cloth, and what about a sign that says Rare Rabbits Designs? 
What if I don't have enough stuff? I'll take orders if it comes to that, but I sure don't want to look unprofessional. Standing there like an idiot with 1 bunny comes to mind.  

I'll need to get a lot of greeting cards printed and book marks made between now and then. I could probably finish about 100 tasseled book marks, 2-3 an evening should do it. And somewhere in there I need to draw another design so I have at least 2 styles of bookmarks to present. The little bunnies I'm working on were intended to be the first 2 listings for my new Etsy shop. I don't know, now. Though I don't see how I can wait another 6 weeks before I list anything in my shop. Oh well, I'll figure it out Monday. Then there's my YA novel, Tale of the Black Mamba. This was the month I was going to start submitting again, Amazon just delivered my writer's market book. 

I think I'll just take it minute by minute. Tonight I'll make a schedule and stick to it. I often work best under pressure, or so my mother says. I suppose the worst that could happen is I never do it again. But I so want to succeed and be part of that world with all those creative people. 

I kind of thought having my own business was going to be slow and easy. You know, get in my studio and just create. It's much harder than I that. Oh, for the simple life of a caterpillar... 

or a magnolia blossom.