October 12, 2011

Happy Halloween

Building bunnies and banners.
  I'm feeling Halloweenie and pushing to finish my projects before it's all over and time to squeeze out something for Christmas. Here's a peek at the dress I'm making for pretty Esmeralda, my little witch bunny.
 I used about 15 colours to make the candy corns in the Happy Halloween banner for a bunny photo shoot. My husband, David made a bunch of mini ghosties tied on a string to hang in their cute little bunny window. He also made the window, and a kitchen table to put under it!
Here's a closeup. 
I also bought a beautiful Chinese Lantern plant to put outside my front door.
I just love these tiny lanterns. They're going to come in very handy for painting my greeting card, Esmeralda and the Spooky Boo. She's running under a big branch of them in the drawing. The owl in the corner wearing a sheet and saying Boooo instead of Whoooo, is the spooky boo. 
Just a handful of some of the colours I'll be using. I know I'm pushing it trying to have the card ready for Halloween but this is really a warm up for the book cover, Tale of the Black Mamba. And the candy corn banner was a warm up for this card. I get so jittery when I'm starting a new painting. 
 Here's a beautiful picture my youngest daughter, Daphne took with her iphone while she was shopping. So colourful. That's some kind of phone!