October 4, 2011

I Love Window Boxes

Finally, after all these years I managed to talk my husband into letting me have some window boxes. I started in 1979!
This is my studio window. 
He made the cedar inserts. Aren't they pretty. 
And put them under the rec room window. The hostas look a little sad from being tromped on while he painted the house. But who's complaining?
He also painted the stairs and I painted the front door but made the brush strokes go the wrong way. Hopefully visitors will arrive only after dark. 
Here's my little garden off the front stoop. 
And a close-up of my bunny bath. 
I wanted my planters to stay mostly green till Spring so I added a boxwood, dusty miller a couple of heather and some winter pansies. I know the pansies won't last. 
I also made up a pot of some crazy kale I just had to have. 
My husband asked me, "How much did you spend on plants, fifty bucks?" 
I said, "Yeah, okay," and went about my business.