April 11, 2012

I Don't Believe in Frankenbunnies!

It was picnic day and Petal was anxious to get started. Big sister Marushka said, "Please eat your breakfast, Petal. We need to hurry if we're going to get to the other side of the woods today."
But Petal didn't want her breakfast, she wanted a picnic, now. "No," was all she said.  
"If you don't eat, the Frankenbunny will get you!" Marushka told her little sister. "He's big and green and stomps around hollering, 'I only eat bunnies who won't eat their breakfast!'
"No, no, no!" Petal yelled back. "I don't believe you. I want to eat a cookie." 
"Suit yourself, Marushka said. "But don't blame me when the Frankenbunny comes sniffing around." Then she packed up Petal and the wagon and off they went. 
Happily, Marushka led Humphrey, their miniature, miniature pony, Petal and Teddy, their dancing Teddybear hamster into the woods.
Petal entertained everyone with her very loud singing and a song she made up called, 'I don't believe in Frankenbunnies'. She was about sing it again when she noticed a dark and looming castle in the distance. "Marushka?" she called, nervously. "Who lives in that dark and looming castle in the distance?" 
"Oh, that belongs to the Frankenbunny. But you don't believe in Frankenbunnies, do you?"
"No," Petal said quietly, clutching her cookie.
Marushka didn't turn around, but smiled as she continued down the path. 
Petal wasn't smiling anymore, or singing for that matter, but instead whispered, "I don't believe in the stupid ol' Frankenbunny." Then she turned around really fast to look, at the same instant that they rounded a bend in the  path. 
She couldn't be sure because Humphrey was trotting pretty fast for a miniature, miniature pony. And it could have been the sun in her eyes, but she thought she saw the Frankenbunny! She kept her cookie close and her ears perked, waiting for the Frankenbunny's holler. 
Suddenly, Humphrey came to a halt before a beautiful secret garden in a clearing. Marushka said, "Look how lovely! Lets stop here, I'm starved!"
"Me too!" said a deep voice behind Petal. 
Well, all the little bunny hairs on the back of her little bunny neck went up and she jumped from the wagon yelling, "Run for your life! The Frankenbunny's here!"and hid beneath a clump of grape hyacinths. 
But the giant, stomping Frankenbunny followed, peering at her through the leaves, "I'm sorry, Petal," he said, lifting up the big green mask. "It's only me, Iggy."
She peeked from her hiding spot into a warm smiling Iggy face and with a deep sigh of relief said, "I don't believe in Frankenbunnies."
Marushka unpacked the wagon and soon they all sat down for a nice healthy lunch of veggie burgers, carrot sticks and carrot juice. Afterwards, Petal danced around chanting, "I only eat bunnies who won't feed me cookies.
When Marushka and Iggy had fed her enough cookies she played with her boat in the pond and sang in a high, sweet voice,
"I don't believe in Frankenbunnies!" 

The End.