April 9, 2012

Tale of the Black Mamba is an Ebook too!

So, I finally managed to turn my children's book into an ebook and what a finicky job it was! I really can't complain though, because this whole publishing process has been a wonderful experience! 
From illustrating the cover to formatting and printing the book, it's been scary, fulfilling and euphoric! This is the cover page in the book, although I didn't think to include the little thumbnail picture in the printed version until I saw the ebook publishers doing it. Oh well, next print run!

You can find an electronic copy of Tale of the Black Mamba at Smashwords or if you prefer, I'd be happy to sign a copy for you at lenoreangela.com . Oh, marketing! Shameless self promotion! 

What people are saying about Tale of the Black Mamba

"With a steampunk sensibility and wildly inventive plot, plenty of verbal (as well as actual) fireworks, and an evil mastermind as ruthless as Sax Rohmer's Dr. Fu Manchu, this darkly humorous fantasy is a fabulous confection of a book. Fair warning: teen readers should be prepared to steal it back from the adults in the household." 
—Eileen Kernaghan - Author of Wild Talent: a Novel of the Supernatural

"Lenore Angela combines simple, everyday words to create something exquisitely wonderful."
—Irene Livingston - Author of Finklehopper Frog

"From the wildly inventive, black-capped, mauve-slippered Dr. Wu to a sumptuous subterranean hideaway and a teetering tightrope rescue above Niagara Falls, this book has all the fun of the 1901 World's Fair: a rollicking good tale brimming with escapades galore."
—Jacquie Argent - Freelance Editor