June 3, 2012

My Clean Studio

I finally cleaned my studio and thought I'd better document it as it's not likely to be this clean again, ever, though I will try to keep it this way. Makes life so much easier to start off in a clean room. As you can see this is my sewing area. 
The room's a funny shape, but nice and big for all my junk. The entire studio is 24' long and 12' wide in the sewing area and 10' wide in my drawing/computer area. It used to be our kids rooms when they were home. David tore down the wall and put in a lovely big window for me to stare out of.
But mostly I just stare into Clare's face. Her blanket is right below the window beside my chair where she keeps me company all day long.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to fence that garden area off because last year she stomped on all my flowers. Lucky for me I haven't planted them yet.
This is the smaller end of the room where I have my art table, computer and Clare's bed. And my comfy chair where I usually have my tea and knitting break and watch a bit of Kojak on TV. 
Boy, if you saw what this looked like a few days ago, you'd be shocked. I don't think you could see the desk top. 
Long view of the room.
My fun little shelf above my computer. Love that little elephant lamp. It used to be in our daughter's room when she was little. 
And here's what I've been working on, miniatures. I've been inspired by some wonderful miniature artists lately. So now I've gone mini crazy. Here's my first attempt at an apple pie made from oven baked clay. The plan is to make some realistic props for my rabbit photos. 
Next on the menu, carrot cake, of course.