July 17, 2012

Make a Country Dollhouse Table

I made this cute little table out of wood, foam core and mat board. 
I started with dollhouse stair spindles because I couldn't find the proper table legs. I wasn't crazy about the shape so I thought I'd try and change them. 
I used my xacto knife to first shave off some of the wood. Then I sanded the spindles with sandpaper and smoothed them with my new, cool rotary tool that my husband bought me. After trimming, the finished leg length is 2 1/2".
Next I glued two pieces of wood together for the table top ending up with a piece 6"L  x  3 1/4"W.  
I decided on a nice curvy shape for the table apron and drew the template on card stock then traced it onto mat board. The apron width is 1/2" x  5  2/16" approximately, though this was measured for this post after the table was finished. I had to cut off slivers here and there to make it fit, so my numbers are not exact. I learned about the mat board as a building material from Kris Compas of One Inch Minis.
 I cut it out in chunks because it was difficult getting around those curves. I also sanded the cut side with a very fine sandpaper to clean up my edge.  
After that, I notched out the corners of the foam core for the leg placement. I wanted them to butt up against the apron, then I glued it in place. Before that, though, I had to trim the foam core a bit, my measuring was sucky. The foam core measures approximately 5 1/2"L x  2 3/4"W
I dry fitted it together using a bit of Instant Tac to hold the legs in place. You know, the rubber stuff your teacher used to stick paper on the chalk board, instead of tape. Don't forget to remove it before you glue, though. Once I was satisfied with the fit, I started gluing.  
After it was all adhered I realized I probably should have painted the sides and legs first. 
So I did that while it was drying. 
And here it is, a cute little country table!  It's not completely finished, I still have to give it a nicer coat of paint. But I think it's awesome for a first try, even if I do say so myself. 
The finished table is 2  3/4"H  x  6"L  x  3 1/4" W.