October 11, 2012

A Hare-y Halloween

"Trick or Treat, smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!" 
With a little help, the bunnies are planning a party. Marushka puts her mask on her head so she'll be ready to scare her friends when they arrive. She's going to be a witch cat this year. Then she gets busy cleaning the kitchen, whipping up treats and setting the table. She's made cake and candy and Boo bags! Don't forget the napkins.  
 Iggy's already wearing his monster mask. He can hardly wait for the fun to begin. He's so excited, games and goodies galore. Oh, boy! 
He hopes his friends won't be too scared to take candy from a friendly jack-o-skeleton. 
"Where could everyone be?" he wonders.
Petal is concerned. "Did you lose Halloween?"
"Don't worry, I'll find it." I'm a most excellent finder." 
"I know it's here somewhere."
"Maybe I'll just guard the candy instead."