October 16, 2012

Little Annie Oakleaf Wants You!

Listen up all you candy gulpin' varmints! My name's Little Annie Oakleaf and I'm here to tell ya all that Halloween's a comin' round the mountain quicker n' you can say, Trick or Treat. So join the fun, don't be shy, say Howdy neighbour with a gen-u-wine handmade greetin' card from Rare Rabbits Designs. 
In the meantime, I'll jest stand here and let you take a gander at my new duds. 
There's my hat, and beauteeful embroidreed hatband made special by the lovin' hands of Daphne Wildeman.
There's my acorn and oak leaves. All hand embroidreed by the boss'a this here outfit, Lenore.
  Then, there's my six-guns. Can't never do nothin' without them. Ya never know when the hunger pains are gonna seize ya. A course can't forget my little palomino, Baby Fuzz. Ain't she the cutest little shaver. She just loves to nibble on my beaded fringe. 
 Here, I'll stand real straight to give ya a better look at my collar beads. I hear they was a heap o' trouble.  
Bye now. 
Oh, I almost forgot. For your veiwin' and listenin' pleasure here's an oldie but a goodie from 
Ramblin' Tommy Scott, singin', She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain.

Click this link to watch on YouTube