November 3, 2012

Here's a Little Teapot, Short and Stout

While I waited for my computer to come home from the hospital, I designed my first tea cozy! 
She's been gone for a week getting a new hard drive and today I had the stressful task of reloading all my stuff back on. You might as well have asked me to perform an emergency tracheotomy with my pen, I was so stressed. But it turned out to be simple as pie. What was I so worried about? Whew! 
To keep myself busy for the last week I bought some lovely yarn and knitted while it rained. 
I designed this tea cozy to fit my beautiful new tea pot. It's called a Brown Betty. They're crazy about them in England. I had no idea. And now I have one of my very own. 
I was so pleased and surprised at how my cozy turned out. Must be the wool. It's fabulous, 50% wool and 50%  alpaca. 
I'm going to try and knit a few more to list in my Etsy shop for Christmas.
Then I think I'll sell the pattern as a PDF. 
The week wasn't all knitting though. I did manage to capture some of the fall colour before the rain and wind blew it all away. A pretty ceramic bird house hanging in my Japanese Maple tree. 
Some nice colours in my front yard. 
My most favourite tree in the yard. Ginkgo Biloba.
Part of the yard taken from the back porch.  
My most favourite dog, Clare, also taken from the back porch. Soaking wet and don't give a damn. She loves that deflated basketball! 
And when she comes in, she takes all her little toys out of her toy box and puts them in a nice neat pile at my husband's feet, so he can have first pick. What a smarty-pants.