November 10, 2012

Scandia Tea Cozy

 Here's my third tea cozy design. I come from Danish roots and really adore Scandinavian and Nordic knitting. So I tried to emulate a Scandia feel in my latest pattern.  
 I love the look and feel of the wooden beads. Sort of reminds me of rich, warm Scandinavian dining room furniture.  Also, sewing the openings in this way feels very traditional to me. 
  For one year, when I was ten I went to a private school. The elementary school section was housed in a huge mansion with a secret passage that led to the library, a grand staircase that led to the grade five classroom, and many other wonderful places to explore. My best friend's grandmother used to attend costume balls there when she was young, when it was a private home. Art class was held way up in the beautiful attic tucked within leaded glass windows and deep wood paneling. That year for Christmas we made padded coat hanger covers out of brightly coloured felt, then tacked them closed in blanket stitch. It was the first real sewing stitch I'd ever learned and one of my fondest memories. 
Today I took my little tea cozy to the shop where I'd bought my lovely Brown Betty teapot. They were so impressed they want to sell them! I was thrilled.